The idiot graduate

It glorified the diplomas, claimed they were male. He despised our poems, our little bohemian scoffed. Too bad for his apple! The empty years, sacrificed to the technique followed by a boss, dig a hole in existence. A grand canyon from childhood to old age.
Philosophers shit, literature is finished, as was his slogan. The nose on the handlebars he could not understand that the computer was already a technique.
He divinized this computer! But today, as we ANPE, competent completely lost, he would accept anything, even a CES or training. Anything but certainly not remain idle!
Workers copies

They have always claimed as demanding social rules. From childhood, school, trying to remember by heart what they did not, then someone important has decided: no facts for the trial; textbooks at the plant as soon as possible then the army and return to the turbine. They then "just in convolé wedding, sometimes even love, and children, as desired marital national policy. Reasons to activate even more to raise the most dignified possible. They never looks overtime, not always paid elsewhere; should not displease the boss. For him it was also difficult. In short they never puffed on any wave.
When economists, "people who know", claimed it was for the good of the country, they have saved. When they consumed the same emergency decreed the low burning wool.
For the majority today, having changed the haves weapon (to exploitation under the guise of hope for better days was succeeded by the threat of exclusion), the daily stress is called, back pain, eyes eaten by screens ... but above all must not disappoint big boss, your age, would not find obvious ... And some wonder little enthusiasm of these experienced, their desire to get the earliest possible retirement.
For others diseases. For decades they worked asbestos. Or under power lines. Or in nuclear plants. Or, or, or ... During these years they believed their superiors omniscient: there is no risk.
Some knew, or feeling that they endangered their lives, and yet continued: blackmail already unemployed.
Like today, where the law on tobacco in the undertakings is flouted by those who despise their employees or colleagues. What court, before the multiplication of cancer, dare to condemn the voluntary exposure to a harmful substance?

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The idiot graduate It glorified the diplomas