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Upon his arrival at large, the sixth, his parents he fixèrent target (before it was carelessness to twelve years but we are anxious to become ... among these people): accounting, at least tray, if possible, and it will be fabulous, the BTS.
You would have all my son, a beautiful car, a big house and the most beautiful woman because with such a situation all women will run after you. Social recognition, and father so proud of you.
And he received his BTS accounting, certainly to twenty-four years, certainly at the second attempt (as his drawer elsewhere) but no matter, after the army, "life". In a large group more! With many prospects as he said the deputy who hired HRD.
So he dreamed the son of his old father who dreamed not more, he saw already earn high incomes and huge responsibilities, I like order and I proved I knew the army do, I'm not remained a SQUADDIES little, Moi. Me: he always claimed the best, never do anything for the future.
Hyper reasoned it gave substance and his superiors congratulate him. Although little guy, you're on the right track, you whole future ahead of you ... He never did his hour him. Admittedly, it was not exciting but it was the beginning, from morning to evening, before a screen pass records, enter vouchers or checks.
Level love as he dreamed, like most failures have accumulated, it has long believed interest by appropriating a remark heard on television: anyway only interested in money girls.
Three years after his hiring he was confident that a large orchestrated conspiracy against him prevented him from climbing in the hierarchy, yet it was just as the whole "plateau": Married (with a colleague in the department), jaded, are dragging, still in their mouths "are shit" or "the cons", the only perspective offered to twelve "friends" is the succession of the Chief, sixteen years later.
Even today, from morning to evening PIANOTER but his life is elsewhere. He found a passion, mission, politics, he argues. Finally someone said, yes there is a conspiracy against the brave people, and me I am the first victim of a powerful international hidden Machiavellian conspiracy, but we will crush our enemies. And at least once a month he participates in meetings "secret", "strategic", "records". He believes the instructor: it is a local leader potential, perhaps, one day surely even the central office will receive, will submit it to an election, but for now its role is essentially collect information on his company, the group, colleagues, neighbors.
He dreams: his god at the Elysee, the finger on the nuclear button for rehabilitating the nation, the police orders. This has convinced people: it will soon revenge, the party will reward his faithful, will need men of confidence, competence.

A lost indoctrinated. Try to save? It is not the happiness of people in spite of themselves, plus it's not worth it. Many watching and the poor types. Yes, but it is losing the country they lose with them. If hatred triumph there will be many dead, among bastards, in this kind of handled, but also among Democrats.
Because his dream could become our reality nightmare. All dictatorships were based on relays of the people, employees, losers of crushed, the embittered who have seen a despot in the wind of history the call. These are then frustrated the strongest, most simply, the most cruel.
They are thousands (more?) Hoped that dismal night. But, they do not know, the heyday of collaborators is short, the majority of those who favor the establishment of a dictatorship died in "heroic" or "drafts". Because the propaganda of a dictatorship calls "heroes" and "milked" are sacrificing the less useful and too ambitious.
If this reasoning puppets struggling against hatred. But not too many humiliations on a daily basis makes them accomplices potential of shame. Humiliated it quickly becomes stupid and evil.

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